My goal is to take part in creating your prospective home in a perfect way.
As a result I want to make your house beautiful, safety, and homelike.

 How can I make you to be satisfied?


To achieve my target it is not enough to get the work done you delegate for me as a Technical Construction Inspector. More performance must be provided. I have to keep your interests in my mind during the whole process in every decision. I must be considerate to your mother tongue, and it is my job to protect you from the disadvantages of not speaking hungarian.

work-hardOn the one hand I work hard to take off any administrative an organizational burden in relation to the construction. Your job should be to choose the colour of the walls and equipments, and you don’t need to worry about any other things.

On the other hand I work hard to preserve you against unauthorized clames from the contractor, that could cause increasing of the costs. I have to take care of the quality, and quantity of the materials, and for the deadline too.